Pannekoekstraat 101 A
3011 LD Rotterdam
(Centrum - Blaak)
The Netherlands / Holland

Phone: (010) 404 70 93


The Openings times of the store are on the main page, but also on google.

Lotus New Age is a great place to shop. It is a Magical, Mystical and Mysterious shop. There are items from around the world, and as much as possible Fair Trade.
See below for map where to find the shop.
You can find; nice jewellery, jewellery parts, beads from gemstones, Gemstones in all different kinds and sizes, also minerals.
Post cards, bags, beautiful drapes for the door, wall. Also a lot of different incense, colored candles, eastern and western statues. Goddesses -, angels - and symbolic items, candles, etheric oils, gifts, Buddha's in all sizes and much more.


Some Highlights in Rotterdam - Blaak area ( this is part of the center of the town ):

- The "Kubus woningen" - cubicle buildings where people really can live. You can visit one yourself.
- The Market Hall ( markthal Rotterdam )
If you are in the Markthal and you go downstair by rollstairs you will find historical archeogical findings, found while digging for making the MArkthal itself. They found items from 3 centuries.
- Around the Markthal are a lot of modern architecture buildings too.
- Fontain of the Virgin of Holland.

Visit the Informative website from vvv Rotterdam for more information about the highlights in Rotterdam too.

Information about how to find Lotus: The shop is located at Pannekoekstraat 101 A, the entrance is at the Nieuwmarkt.
It is in a few minutes walking distance from Rotterdam station Blaak ( public transportation ).

In the neighbourhood of Lotus are a lot of places to sit and relax and enjoy your lunch/coffee or tea.
Ask for the Library, than you will see at a corner the coffee and Bagels shop Bagels & Beans.
Lotus is located behind Bagels & Beans.

Direct neighbours of Lotus are 'Gamelot' , a Korean and Japanese Take-away, splendid food. And 'Kazaguruma', this is a very good Japanese and Korean supermarket.
In this part of town you will find the special and unique shops you will not find easily elsewhere.
There are also specialized clothing shops, antiques and so on.